1. Riverbend

From the recording Riverbend


Well it’s been days of my head achin’ - And I’m haunted by the chills
Can’t seem to muster the energy - to get up and take more pills

I called up my doctor - he said keep your spirits high
Play the guitar and drink water - and get ready for a fight
Wish I had more to tell you - but we’ve much to figure out
I’m about to go on furlough - but they’re testing down south

Thank the gods for doctors & nurses, first responders & essential workers
What it must take to stand on the front line… on the front line

My baby stopped by today - to drop off some food she made
I just stared in awe of her beauty - thru the window pane

And the tears came a tumblin’ - they puddled on the floor
How I wanted to reach out - take hold of her once more
Thank heavens for our twisted sense of humor let us laugh
In case I make it thru this - we best start the weddin’ plans

Myyyy baby she saves me - yeah,my baby’s heaven sent
How I can’t wait to hold her again… to hold her again

So I headed down south - to a town on the riverbend
There was peace on that lonesome road - until they sent me in

I drove into the tunnel - they said stay in your van
I rolled down the window - and lowered my mask
They shoved that thing up in my nose and tears filled up my eyes
Said you should know in a day or two - if you have the virus

My my have the minutes become hours - I ain’t hugged my children in days
Oh the toll it’s taken, how long must I wait… how long must I wait