Wayward Son

The Chinwaggers

Soulful Americana rock with a twist of Irish whiskey-infused twang.

In the age of digitally downloaded gems sung by auto-tuned pop idols, Twin Cities-based rock band The Chinwaggers wanted to make a statement. So in late 2012, singer-songwriter Joe Carey, along with guitarist Blair Krivanek, bassist Nick Salisbury, and drummer Jordan Carlson, began the journey laying down tracks in living rooms, garages, basements, etc. with one goal in mind...to create an organic, no frills, straight forward rock experience that could tell a story both lyrically and musically. Behold Wayward Son, a 10 song concept album in the vein of soulful Americana rock with the occasional twist of Irish whiskey-infused twang. The story is simple: Boy gets dumped. In a fit, Boy hits the road. Homesick, he tries to return but runs into a whole mess of problems. He perseveres, finds love, starts a family, and eventually returns home to reconcile his past transgressions. From the carefree open-road vibe of “Baptismal Ride”, to the Irish pub-themed "Vagabond Bastard Song", to the gritty guitar rocker “Second Guessing”, The Chinwaggers’ Wayward Son interweaves multiple genres painting appropriate ever-changing imagery as the story’s protagonist travels cross-country enduring life’s challenges. Furthermore, the album proves that this foursome of battle-hardened bar musicians nearing middle age can still crank out honest rock songs with depth and without the fluff.

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